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January 30th, 2009, 09:34 PM
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This was my third year participating in the Cal24. I enjoyed last year, and was looking forward to riding it again this year, however, life sometimes gets in the way of good preparation. In the weeks leading up to the rally I was working a ton of overtime, and I had increased my running miles in preparation for a half marathon in October. I ended up injuring my knee, which bothered me during the rally, but overall I had a very good time.

I showed up on Friday, did my odometer check, then attended the riders meeting. Saturday morning dawned early, and we were handed the rally packets. The route is well known from other ride reports, so I won't rehash it, but it was a challenging route.

I ran basically the main route until the 1st checkpoint, and immediately decided to jump off the rock. It was high as hell, but 2000 points is a lot. I got to the top, and almost wimped out, but I jumped off before thinking too much. After walking back to the parking lot I was getting ready to leave when I realized I could waterski also. After a quick ski run and I was back into my riding gear and ready to go.

My knee was starting to bother me, so I decided to go off the main route, and hit some of the closer bonuses. I had time to ice up my knee, and after a quick ride up I5 I made it to the 2nd checkpoint about 1 1/2 hours early, and spent the time formulating a ride plan and eating dinner. I left the second checkpoint right at 9, and made it quickly to Lassen and then Susanville.

While traveling on 36 I had my Hella FF50's on, which gave good light. However, when I had my lights, heated vest and heated grips on, I noticed I was using too much power. For the remainder of the ride I was faced with a choice: Seeing potential deer but being cold, or being nice and toasty but not using my aux lights. I made it to the 3rd checkpoint about an hour early, and hung out until 3, then took off to Reno to get a Keno ticket.

After trying 2 casinos with no luck, I got onto 80 for a quick run to Auburn, then headed to the barn. While riding back I was kicking myself for not planning better, as this year the bonuses were mixed up, and I had a few problems figuring where they were located at. After a few hours sleep it was time for the banquet, and a 19th place finish.

On the ride back home I was already planning next year. I realized this year I didn't have the motivation I should have, and my ride suffered as a result. However, I had a good time, saw some nice country, and will be back next year at King City. [/QUOTE]