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    2006 Results

    This year the participants of the Cal 24 Rally raised over $7,300 for the Center of the Education of Infant Deaf (C.E.I.D.) In Berkeley Ca. The top fund raiser, and winner of the Presidents Award was Lloyd Gardner, with $2,555!!! Congratulations Lloyd, and we hope you enjoy your new Aerostitch riding suit.

    Winner of the Oops Award was Dennis York for nearly running out of fuel on the Odometer check. Runner ups include Arturo Montoya for screwing up the odometer check for the second year in a row, and Jake Kern, Tobie Stevens and Lisa Stevens for chasing down a stranger in a dark park mistakenly thinking he was Chuck Hickey, the roving checkpoint.

    Special thanks to the sponsors that helped make this years Rally a huge success, including,

    • Andy Goldfine of Aerostitch and Riders Warehouse,
    • Rocky Mayer of Bill Mayer Saddles,
    • Cyclegear
    • Roadrider

    We also want to thank the riders who participated this year. They are a great bunch of riders, and wonderful people to work with. We hope you all return next year.

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