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Thread: Managing the rally paperwork

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    Managing the rally paperwork

    I have to say, this is the one area of rally riding that I still feel I'm pretty bad at. It seems like everyone else has come up with much better strategies on how to deal with this, but here's what I do.

    I have a decent-sized tankbag with a top pocket in it. Inside that top pocket is a folded 8 1/2 x 11 envelope, usually the one the rally instructions came in. I use that envelope to store all receipts, photos, etc., as well as any of the documentation that isn't necessary on the current leg.

    For the current leg bonus sheets, I keep them stapled together so I have less of a chance of losing any, and I store it in the very top section of my tankbag, which can also be used for maps. I don't typically use maps on the fly, so that area still works OK. When I've reached a bonus, I take the bonus sheets out, grab a pen that's usually on a lanyard around my neck (but there are extras in the tank bag, write the bonus information down, figure out where I'm going next, make sure the GPS's are appropriately aimed as necessary, replace the bonus sheets, zip up the tankbag, and I'm on my way.

    I've seen others do some pretty neat things. Some folks use just an audio recorder so they can dictate what they need to, and transcribe everything onto the rally sheets at once in one fell swoop before they are handed in. Some folks lump bonuses together. I.E. they arrive, get the bonus info, and barely even stop the bike if they can see what they need from the road, and go on to the next bonus before writing the information from both into the sheets at once. (saw that technique on highway 36 a few years back, and it still sticks in my mind today)

    Some folks have some pretty elaborate roll-chart/type devices on their bikes to store the rally paperwork in a very organized fashion. If anyone has some pics of a setup like that, I'd appreciate you posting them up here!

    Anyway, thought this would be a good discussion, and something that many of us can certainly learn more about. What works for you?
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    For Those Two-up Riders

    Although each year there are only a handful of two-up riders, here's a pic of what we used for the "paperwork".

    I did all the writing (pen on a lanyard) and took care of all the paperwork, which I kept in the "human tank bag". I also had on a separate lanyard, a flashlight. This is definitely needed once the sun goes down, so whether you are doing this alone or two-up, better have one handy, else you won't be able to read or see what you are writing.
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    I found several years ago that the best setup for me was to take all the individual instructions pages and put them in mylar sheet protectors. That way I can access the indivitual pages and they are protected from rain etc. It also gives you a place to put receipts, and in the old days Polaroid pictures.

    On a 24 hour rally that you get lot's of bonus' in a short period of time, I staple the sheet protectors together and keep them under the flap of my tank bag. That way I can get to them quickly without getting off the bike. On the Iron Butt Rally, I put them all into a 3 ring organizer that zips shut. I then keep the organizer in my rear case with my computer, cameras, flag and anything else I need for getting bonus'. That way I have everything I need, photos, receipts and paper work in one place that I can carry into the scoring table.

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