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Thread: Toys for R1200RT?

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    Toys for R1200RT?


    I am looking for any links in regards to farkles, add-ons, improvements and what-nots for the R1200RT. I read somwhere on this site that someone had aftermarket windscreen support arms. I have an oversized Cee Bailey screen and on two different occasions a suport arm has snapped due to the increased wind resistance.

    There seems to be plenty of stuff out there for the FJR, older BMWs, and STs, but not so much for the 1200RT.

    Thanks for the help, looking forward to meeting you all in a couple months.


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    Hi Nate -

    Have you seen this thread yet? I've also got a R1200RT, and have it reasonably well-farkled. I had the same issue with the support arms, have replaced the upper ones with heavy-duty mounts, and had the lower ones replaced once under warranty. Believe it or not, while the upper ones have a BMW part #, so you can order a stock one if you want, the lower ones do not, and are only available as an entire assembly (for $200+). Insane. Luckily the warranty covered it, and I think the lower ones broke as they were stressed during the times the upper ones failed; with new lower ones along with higher-strength upper ones, I'm hoping for some more longetivity on them, and they have been fine for quite awhile now. It would be nice if Don made high-strength lower arms as well, but there's evidently not a huge need for them; I seemed to be the only one with lower ones broken. Out of habit I do put the screen down if I find a need to go 80+ mph for awhile, just to limit the forces on the arms.

    Here's the relevant thread on for where to order the higher-strength arms. I wrote up the install instructions over there that people seem to have found useful. Ping me if you see anything else on the other farkle thread on this board that interests you, and I'll try and get you links to where I picked it up.

    - Alex
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