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Thread: Minimalism: a contrarian's view

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    Minimalism: a contrarian's view

    GPS? Radar Detectors? Laptops? CBs? Auxilliary Lighting? OK, let's add iPods, too. For the newbies, the add ons seem to be requisite to rally. Gotta love those gadgets, but, the genre of such accoutrements and technology does raise some questions. Primary among them is "are they necessary?" Necessary, defined as "absolutely essential; indespensible."

    Endurance is not the venue of technology per se, rather of mindset and discipline. Simplifying the tasks that confront the endurance rider can be done with or without technology and it is that simplicity that reduces fatigue and helps maintain focus. Yet, for many, the "goodies" only increase complexities and the possibility of system failures. DNFs.

    Auxillary lighting, to take one example, was important before today's bikes with their vastly improved stock lighting. Is it needed today? Personal choices. GPSs seem to sprout, often in multiples, on some of the mounts brought to events, but, they take time to program, they add complexity and there is little they offer that can't be accomplished with a good set of maps and ability to use them. (IB 95 winner, for example, tankbag, maps and nothing else).

    Many are comfortable with the tech stuff and that is fine; if they feel it helps them or they are amused by it, wonderful. But, IMO, the stalwart riders of endurance can often use their inate skills and need less techno to overcome the lack of skill and experience. Add it on if you really like, but, don't be under the impression that it is "necessary". IMO, of course.

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    What are we supposed to do between rallies other than figure out how many gadgets can be installed onto a single bike without terribly overloading its electrical capacity?
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